Nature is a beautiful gift So much to explore We are rewarded for passionate endeavors Anticipating the bud blossom To soak in waterfalls To bask in the heat of the fiery sun Fits of giggles, uncontrollable and joyous Afterglow of dreams that came true To wrap around and rest at the setting of the sun ©paul… Continue reading Nature

Culture, Poetry


I often have glimpses of my world A reminder of what should be Wandering lost and lonely Confused, weary, bullied You mock, and torment. Poor me! When blue was blue, and green was green No sadness did afflict When wrapped in a blanket state Only cuddles, kisses, no hate The carnage that invaded my brain… Continue reading Limbo

Erotic, Love, Poetry


Naked and bathed in moonlight You think of him Hardened peaks cooled by gossamer breeze Heated by delicious thoughts You gently squeeze fleshy mound Peaks growing taller, firmer, Exquisite ache You call his name Hand slides down, calming the thunder Gliding over rib, Swirling around trembling belly Tips of fingers, barely touching A symphonic dance… Continue reading Thoughts