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Innocence lost

He cried to the heavens "What cruel game is this?" Wishing he never grew up He wanted to feel protected To have others deal with the crazy shit life brought him When he didn't need to think and decide On top of broad shoulders Enjoying the ride With no agendas, he smiled, laughed, and played… Continue reading Innocence lost

Love, Musings..


  A rush of heat Energy sprinting through my veins Footsteps make no imprint That feeling of wholeness Everything feels right and in place A soul that recognizes itself in another The joy in finding Pieces which lock together The elation of knowing Even when apart The oneness of body, mind, and spirit A little… Continue reading Energy



Your eyes displayed a thousand joys Once rivers flowed Many limbs entwined Roaming exploring kisses Turned paleness to rouge Milk giver stood proudly upon twin mounds Crimson sea separated 3 wells accepted firm invasion Noise echoed breaths frenzied response You were gone Surrendered being Gravity held nothing Rollercoaster thrill ride Where is up? where is… Continue reading Lost