Love, Musings..


  A rush of heat Energy sprinting through my veins Footsteps make no imprint That feeling of wholeness Everything feels right and in place A soul that recognizes itself in another The joy in finding Pieces which lock together The elation of knowing Even when apart The oneness of body, mind, and spirit A little… Continue reading Energy

Erotic, Love, Poetry


Naked and bathed in moonlight You think of him Hardened peaks cooled by gossamer breeze Heated by delicious thoughts You gently squeeze fleshy mound Peaks growing taller, firmer, Exquisite ache You call his name Hand slides down, calming the thunder Gliding over rib, Swirling around trembling belly Tips of fingers, barely touching A symphonic dance… Continue reading Thoughts

Love, Musings.., Poetry, Writing


It's always been you That will never change I have learned to live! I have learned to let go! That's not true! You are in my heart, in my soul In my thoughts, every minute, of every day But I have learned to be at peace, with that I have accepted, the absence physically I… Continue reading Lady