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Innocence lost

He cried to the heavens "What cruel game is this?" Wishing he never grew up He wanted to feel protected To have others deal with the crazy shit life brought him When he didn't need to think and decide On top of broad shoulders Enjoying the ride With no agendas, he smiled, laughed, and played… Continue reading Innocence lost

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I often have glimpses of my world A reminder of what should be Wandering lost and lonely Confused, weary, bullied You mock, and torment. Poor me! When blue was blue, and green was green No sadness did afflict When wrapped in a blanket state Only cuddles, kisses, no hate The carnage that invaded my brain… Continue reading Limbo

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Grit in my shoe Bad taste in my mouth Pain in my gut While travelling south Many stops along the way Too much distraction No time to play Accepting false gifts Believing the good Carry on walking Stay under my hood When will I rest? Don't think I can Monsters will catch me And fuck-up… Continue reading Journey

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Sleep Now Darling

Last breaths taken Journey begins Feel your warmth Seep wary flesh Coldness creeps quickly Deceptive stealth Last embers fade Glow turns grey Hollow rattle Sounds the way   DEATH   I raise tear-stained face In sorrow I look upon your beauty Deep within a soulful creche No more light To act as beacon Guide the way… Continue reading Sleep Now Darling