in the morning my waterfall falls…

An amazing beautiful bit of writing.
My first reblog, so! I hope, I’ve done it right. 😉

Poetry of M

how is that on my day off
I wake up and not want to write
is it apathy, indifference
maybe just uninspired
my muse sleeping
my love tucked away
my passion idle
I feel the neglect in my gut
as if I could abandon my pen
crawl back into old skin
put on that old facade of
Kansas plain
lackluster pallor
winter pale
even christmas
seems determined dull
my mind was bended yesterday
full of contemplation
my body too
desire aching
evidence of scented sensuality
and an obedience satisfied
pleasing to someone
to me
the sun is coloringme
changing the dark shadowed walls
of my grey room
warming up hope
for today
I know I will love
do love
it spreads across these pages
these little
scripted confessions
and poetry
of times & places
of people & secrets
I love my vulnerability
it feels like
I could type out the…

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