Erotic, Love, Poetry


Naked and bathed in moonlight

You think of him

Hardened peaks cooled by gossamer breeze

Heated by delicious thoughts

You gently squeeze fleshy mound

Peaks growing taller, firmer,

Exquisite ache

You call his name

Hand slides down, calming the thunder

Gliding over rib,

Swirling around trembling belly

Tips of fingers, barely touching

A symphonic dance

Fingers bow, then rise

All in beautiful time

Heel of delicate palm, presses, ever so gently

Above dampened ridge

Press! Press! Firmly, softly,

A moan escapes, your sinful lips

Two fingers circle just inside

Collecting sweet honey

Honey! To coat, flaming-bud

Ease, obey, lusts impatient call

Tend to her now!

Imagining long slow kisses

Calming, soothing, fiery rosebud

In his mouth she succumbs

Rain falling, fire quenched

She’s happy to dance, within velvet lips

Music quickens

Dance becomes trance

No control

You give yourself up

Go with the flow

Back arches

Drenched, you call again, his name

“I love you” is your cry

“I love you” his reply

“Our two souls are one”


“Our life! has begun”








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