Love, Poetry


Warm prescence!  never leave me

Your face, I’ll always see

In the past, we were

Maybe again, in the future

Another time, another life

Pain is hardest when we meet

We talk, we say, hello!

But eyes betray the small-talk

Then your cheeks begin to glow

,We have others, to consider

We bleed, so they do not

No cure or stem for our affliction

No bliss, or joy

Just hollow addiction

Always  my heart, will be entwined

In bondage, chained, forever

Hidden, unable to see the light

Fighting harder to lose, the fight

For victory, will end in tears

As many, feel the pain

I’ll stay in prison

And do the time

In silent solitude

My lips will utter no sound

‘cept the whisper of your name



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