Art, Culture, Painting

Reina Cottier

Reina Cottier
Reina Cottier


I live in Aotearoa/New Zealand and I am blessed to be a part of this wonderful land & her people. Creatively I feel my art is very much inspired by my interests- mother earth, the ocean, nature, culture, & my experiences, (I live life to the full!) both here in NZ and overseas (I have traveled extensively in NZ, Australia, Canada, UK & Europe, US, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pacific Islands).




I studied art right through school, winning awards & gaining University Entrance & a Bursary with my marks. I then became an award winning hairdresser as an outlet for my creativity. After owning a successful salon and a salon consulting business for 15 years, I had a break from everything and became a mother of two girls. I decided to take up painting again….and the rest is history. ūüôā


My art comes from an authentic place inside, aligning with my inner quest for a greater understanding of life expressed with vibrant alive colours and flowing shapes. Everything I create comes from the heart. ~I am focusing on living fully in the ‘now’, being true to myself, evolving, learning, expanding my horizons. I love life! I tend to see the funny side of everything. I love mixing with all walks of life and do not judge. Each to their own. I like who I am & I have no regrets about anything in my life. What I am today, I may or may not be tomorrow, as each experience in my life re-shapes me every single day. I am a strong free spirit, empowered and proud, and I feel this is expressed in my art.


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